One Day

One Day was born from a very specific idea at a very specific time.
In the era of the post-Covid 19 economic crisis, emotionality, time and
everyday life must be reconsidered.
The everyday is upset and the real is replaced by the virtual more than it already is, the privations of our freedoms limited by the contingent place us in front of a big challenge more mental than physical.
Behavior changes, but our habits tend to remain unchanged and the aesthetic aspect remains the cure for the monotony of time, which seems inexorably slow.
The outfit accompanies us every day during the various phases of the day and describes our emotional state. What we want to be is what we want others to think of us. The virtual helps us to be present in the immateriality of the real and the clothes help the memory to remember a moment, a memory.
It is not known how much this scenario of immateriality and aesthetics is right, but we are certain about one thing, fashion with its colors and shapes
outlines the history of a people and its era.

Fashion as a lens to look at the present, as a field of unlimited experimentation, a fertile ground that offers many food for thought.
Fashion picks up signals in advance, confirming itself as an irreplaceable antenna for reading phenomena with a certain advance.
In fashion there is now a ferment that art, for example, does not have.
Fashion emerges less because everything that revolves around fashion is accused of superficiality, but it is the only discipline that is daring at the moment.
And again "let's not forget that fashion is also an economic engine and a sector with great possibilities where many people work.

My project aims to describe a unique moment in the contemporary historical panorama through fashion photography.
COVID-19 in a certain sense has posed an existential question of reflection on existence itself.
The speed of the contemporary world is suddenly stopped, we suddenly find ourselves paralyzed in a time tunnel in which everything moves slower with those regular rhythms that have marked for millennia
existence itself.
In the project pictured here I wanted to narrate one through photography
full day, from morning to evening.
The outfit becomes an instrument of visual representation of a moment, of an altered state of mind, which at different times of the day depicts her face, sometimes sad and sometimes euphoric.
It itself becomes the mirror of a society that is excessively altered in its expression, devoid of the ethics and morals that today are being annihilated by unbridled consumerism.
Capitalism today reigns undisputed and becomes its only religion and
undisputed, of an atheistic way of life where everything becomes a commodity.